June 12, 2012

45 Years and Counting

The Kings are not longer the court jester in LaLa land. The closest they came was back in 1993 when I cursed Gretzky's missed high stick call on Gilmour and watched them eliminate the Leafs in seven. Overnight, I became an instant Habs fan and relished watching them implode after McSorley got caught using an illegal stick. But, time does heal bitter feelings and after 45 years, the 100 or so diehard fans were in delirium. They did what Gretzky couldn't do, they won the cup. I have to give big props to the Kings for winning it all as the 8th seed and doing it in dominating fashion. They didn't have any super stars and they won by grinding it out and playing as a team. I wish they won it wearing the purple and gold. Hopefully this is pattern as the Hawks and Bruins ended 49 and 39 year droughts respectively in past couple of years. 

For this long suffering Leaf fan, I can only hope that we find a goaltender, bigger forwards and some defense. The Marlies made it to the Calder Cup finals so the future looks bright on the farm. But, I'm praying and I mean praying that the Leafs don't go after Roberto Luongo. Will it be our turn? I'll probably be dead by then......