May 1, 2012

The Catfish

Nobody loves me. Everybody makes a mockery of me. I'm a bottom dweller (aren't steelhead considered bottom dwellers too?), fat, lazy, tastes like mud and ugly looking. I'm sick of this bullshit stereotype. I can hold my own in  fast water and I can fight as tough as those stupid smallies and steelhead. I may not be as handsome as those steelhead with their pretty colors and sleek bodies. But, I'm a mean looking bastard and doesn't that count. Seriously, I scare the shit out of some people when they see me. Plus, some women dig noodling for me.


Trotsky said...

That thing looks like Morin.

lambton said...

Norland likes the catfish...he likes to harbour them in his stink.

BTW...we are starting a collection...we are going to buy you a new reel...A black one! ;o)

Maybe I'll give you my imperial. But you can't get it will melt...