October 18, 2009

I'm Free

The day I've been waiting for, October 15th finally arrived - my divorce hearing. It was suppose to been done last month, but my ex had to work out of state and filed a motion of continuance, so the agony continued. Since it was an uncontested divorce, I wasn't going to expect any fireworks or fisticuffs. Since we didn't have any kids, property and debt, it would be cut and dry. We agreed to couple of things and I had my attorney draft it up prior to the hearing. It took no more than 10 minutes of questions and bada boom bada bing, congratulations you're divorced. As we walked out, an army of lawyers walked in and I'm sure the next case would be full of fireworks and fisticuffs. There was no high fives or racing to the bar for a round of drinks. For me it was closure on a 10 year marriage and the last 3 years were utter hell. I felt a sense of relief and sadness, but now I could finally move on.

Like life, death and taxes, every fall the streams along Steelhead Alley are low and clear. Saturday morning it was raining lightly and I check the radar to see that the end of the rain was going through Cleveland. I figured by the time we got there the rain would have stopped. We arrived at first light and it was still raining, but not hard. The river was in prefect condition as the deeper pools and holes had a nice tea color. I knew of several spots, that in past seasons we spanked them pretty good. It turned out to be a frustrating morning as I couldn't get whiff of fish, even the chubs wouldn't come out and play. We fished one popular section and by 9:00AM, we left and there was nobody.

The culprit was lake effect rain made the morning miserable. I decided to hit one more spot and if we got nothing I would call it a day. It was another of my honey holes and I had a jar of uncured King eggs. It was the same result as we banged away and nothing was biting. Every fall, there are times when you're left puzzled on why the fish won't bite even though the conditions are perfect. Persistence finally paid off as the float shot under and it was fish on. I grabbed the glove and held it for the money shot. One of his eyes was damaged probably from a hook in the eye and the fish had that cartoonish belted over the head expression. I released it and figured the day should end on a good note. By now I was soaked so I headed into Willoughby for lunch - a great joint by the Chagrin River.

Sunday was a case of same shit, different day. The river barely came up and the clarity was the same. If the Grand was clear, the other rivers probably had the clarity of a fish tank. I started off at the same spot and started working the run. In the dark I was using my lite stick on the float and near the log jam the float shot under. It was a small skipper that took a pink sac. The morning started off bad when I turned on my camera for some early morning shots of the shale cliffs. The LCD screen on my Nikon camera was cracked and half of the screen was only visible. Earlier it fell out of the back of Jeep, but it was inside the case. The fall wasn't that hard, but it's another in a long line of cameras I wrecked either from a bad case of butterfingers or days when I waded with two left feet.

The fish were incredibly fussy today as I managed four fish in total and I considered myself lucky as many others posted goose eggs.

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Trotsky said...

I think thats appropriate???
I fished for 8 hrs today and only hit three little egg eaters...
Then I came home to what I am sure will be the first round of illness for the Norlands this fall...starting with my son....
Probably the swine flu...
October is awesome.