April 7, 2007

Ragged Ass Fishing

Weather can turn on a dime at given moment on the Alley, especially during spring. The weather can go to extremes. One day its fishing in a tee shirt and later in the week, there's 2' of snow. By the end of winter, a lot of us are worn out by fishing. For some, we've been at since last September. Waking up at five in the morning, driving to the far ends of the Alley and covering miles of rivers. I've reached the mid point of my life as I'm over 40. Twenty years of bad habits have caught up to me. I'm overweight, I rarely exercise and my diet consist of drive thru's. I constantly promise myself that I'll eat better and exercise. It turns out to be nothing but an empty promise. For us fat asses, I dub as "ragged ass" steelheading.

This morning I had to drag my ragged ass out of bed. I could hear the wind wailing and I peeked out the window. Everything was covered in snow. I fell back into bed for several minutes debating should I go now or wait later. The bed was so warm as I curled into a fetal position. I stared back at the clock and I could still hear the wind. I reset the alarm and slept for another 30 minutes. The 30 minute sleep seem to help and I didn't want to waste an perfect opportunity. As I brush my teeth, I look in the mirror and I look like shit. Bags under my eyes, scruffy looking and pale as a ghost. I don't bother eating breakfast as I have fish to catch. The streets are plowed and I make it into the metro park. The cliffs were blanketed with fresh snow. It was a picture perfect scene worthy of a travel magazine. The river was emerald green and there were only a few souls fishing. 

Due to the weather and my lack of energy, I elected to fish close to home. Generally I avoid the Rock on the weekends, but the weather made it an exception. Unlike earlier in the week, the fair weather fishermen retreated deep into their posh man caves and waited for the snow to melt and the sun to come out. The fish were in a playful mood despite the colder weather. Me and several friends never had to venture far from the parking lot and we had a banner day. My body and mind were thankful and those aches and pain were not so bad. We finish around noon and what do I do - head to Micky D's for lunch but I only get a couple of cheeseburger from the dollar menu - that's a huge step for me........

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